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About us

The "Paratroopers Fund" emerged from a group of "crazy people" who gathered after the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War around values of comradeship and devotion to the families of the fallen. In the first period, the group operated independently and without formal structure. When the need arose to streamline the activity and raise funds, an association was established called "The foundation for the families of the fallen paratroopers."

For the past fifty years, the Fund has been taking care of the families of widows and orphans. Since the "Tyre disasters" (1982/3), the organization has taken upon itself the responsibility of the "ISA - Israeli Security Agency" families, in coordination with the administartion and the units.

The Fund for the Treatment of Paratroopers' Families is a registered non-profit organization. The members of the Fund are on a voluntary and open basis for all those who served in the paratroopers. The fund's mechanism is entirely built on volunteers, there are no wage recipients and the budget is devoted entirely to the fulfillment of the fund's goals.

Goals & Activities

Our ultimate goal is to treat and accompany the families of the victims and try to give them a little of what Father would have given if he had lived under the slogan "Dad's friends."

The Foundation accompanies the families throughout the year by holding trips, events, giving birthday gifts to each child and maintaining regular contact with the family. In this framework, we hold three days of activities for 4 days for widows and children. These activities emphasize values, culture and love of the country together with rest and relaxation.

To maintain close personal contact, a contact person is assigned to each family. In addition, the foundation established a permanent set of instructors for the children's groups, who accompany them in all the activities from the day of joining, until the army conscription and even afterward. A constant core of instructors and escorts was established for the mothers' trips in order to maintain their personal connection.

We do all we can to respond to any request or call from the families and help in contacting the appropriate bodies and professionals.

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Organizational Structure

In accordance with the law, the fund is run by a board of directors headed by the chairman of the board of representatives, who is chosen by members of the board of directors. All the activities are based on volunteers' circles - members of the board, family escorts, managers of activities, instructors and volunteers for special activities (jeep tours, hospitality, etc.) each with his best abilities and skills.

In addition to modest institutional support, the Foundation allocates its activities from donations from friends and supporters who contribute according to their ability to monthly standing orders or one-time donations. The fund's management is carried out transparently, under the supervision of the committee and the finance committee, and is audited by an external accountant, as required by law.

We, the members of the Foundation, have set ourselves the goal of preserving the spirit of volunteerism on which we were educated and to carry out the activities of the Foundation with love, modesty and a high level that respects the families and the memory of the fallen.

הקרן לטיפול במשפחות חללי הצנחנים

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